A transformer is a deep learning model that adopts the mechanism of self-attention, differentially weighting the significance of each part of the input data.

Manufacturers: GBET

Available Series:  ( 88 )

Description:  Designed to be used in the amplifiers and high-frequency audio and voice circuits, for coupling ad impendence matching applications. . 

Manufacturers: GBET

Available Series:  ( 64 )

Description: It is specially designed common mode chokes that filter out EMI currents from power transformers in power line communications or the analog front-end of the modem.

Manufacturers: GBET

Available Series:  ( 52 )

Description: A passive components that used to adjust signal levels, divide voltages, bias active elements, or terminate transmission lines. 

Manufacturers: GBET

Available Series:  ( 58 )

Description: It is electrical instruments used in transmitting electrical power from one circuit to another without changing the frequency.