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Manufacturer: Infineon TechnologiesFeatures: CIPOS™ Mini 600 V, 4 A three-phase intelligent power module
Package/Case: Surface Mount; TUBEDescription: Configuration:3 Phase Closed Emitter;Encryption:no; Language:PLECS;Pmot (10kHz):600 W; Switch Type:IGBT; Voltage Class:600 V;Rated Current:4 A
More parts & series: IGCM04G60HAXKMA1; IRSM505-055DA; IM240S6Z1BALMA1; IM240M6Y1BAKMA1; IM240S6Y1BAKMA1; IM393M6FPXKLA1; IRSM505-065DA; IRSM515-055PA; TLE92464EDXUMA1; TLE9873QXW40XUMA1; TLE9877QXA20XUMA2; TLE9185QXV33XUMA1; IFX9201SGAUMA1; TLE94106ESXUMA1; TLE7182EMXUMA1; TLE8209-2SA; BTN8962TAAUMA1; TLE9879QXA40XUMA2; IRSM808-105MH; BTN8982TAAUMA1; TLE7184FXUMA2; IR2175STRPBF; TLE4207GXUMA2
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