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Manufacturer: Infineon TechnologiesFeatures: XENSIV(TM) – TLE4998P4 linear Hall IC providing a digital PWM signal as well as AEC-Q100 qualification
Package/Case: Surface Mount; SSO-4Description: Interfaces: Applications:Linear Hall; Interfaces:PWM
More parts & series:TLE4999I3; TLE4999C8-S0001; TLE4999C8; TLE4999C4-S0001; TLE4999C4; TLE4998S8D; TLE4998S8; TLE4998S4; TLE4998S3C; TLE4998S3; TLE4998P8D; TLE4998P8; TLE4998P4; TLE4998P3C; TLE4998P3; TLE4998C8D; TLE4998C8; TLE4998C4; TLE4998C3C; TLE4998C3; TLE4997E2; TLE4997A8D; TLE4997A8
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