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Manufacturer: Infineon TechnologiesFeatures: ARM ® Cortex ®-M4 @ 144MHz, USB ; SD/MMC ; Ethernet 10/100 Mbit/s
Package/Case: Surface Mount; LFBGA-196Description: SRAM (incl. Cache): 200 kByte;Program Memory: 1024 kByte;DMA Channels: 12;I/O Operation Voltages: 3.3 V;Budgetary Price €/1k: 15.12
More parts & series: XMC4200Q48F256BAXUMA1;CY8C4124PVE-S422T;S6J334BJDDSE20000;CY8C4124PVA-442ZT;S6E2C29J0AGV2000A;CY8C4245PVA-482ZT;CY8C4247LQI-BL493T;S6J332EJBDSE20000;CY8C4125AXI-S433;CY8C4125AXI-M445T;CY8C4244PVQ-432;CY8C4025LQI-S401T;CY8C4146AXI-S455;CY9AF144MBGL-GK9E1;CY9AF344MABGL-G-103K9E1;CYT4BFBCHDQ0BZEGST; CY8C624ABZI-S2D04; CY9AF315NABGL-GK9E1; CY9AFB41MBBGL-GK9E1
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