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Manufacturer:ZiLOGFeatures: Timers & Support Products 10MHz CMOS CTC XT
Package/Case: DIP-28;Through HoleDescription:I/O: 28; Interrupts: N/S; Operating Voltage: 5.6V; Speed (MHz): 4
More parts & series:ZHX1810MV115TH2090TR; ZHX1820TV115THTR; Z8622912SSG; Z8623012SSG; Z8612912SSG; Z8E00010SSG; Z8613012SSG; Z86E0812SSG1866; Z86E3016VSG; Z84C3006PEG; Z84C3010PEG; Z84C3008PEG; Z84C1008PEG; Z84C2008PEG; Z84C2006PEG; Z84C2010PEG; Z8937120PSG; Z84C0008PEG; Z84C0006PEG; Z84C4210PEG; Z84C4208PEG; Z84C0010PEG; Z84C4010PEG; Z84C4008PEG; Z84C4106PEG; Z84C0020PEG; Z84C4006PEG; Z84C4206PEG; Z84C2006AEG; Z8937120ASG; Z8937120VSG; Z84C2008VEG; Z84C2010AEG
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