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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: High-SNR, ultra-low-power, integrated AFE for wearable optical biosensing with FIFO
Package/Case: Surface Mount;TSSOP (DBT)-38Description: Applications: HRV, Optical-HRM, Optical-HRM for wearables, SpO2, Vo2 max; Number of input channels: 4; Resolution (Bits):24; Number of LEDs; 32; Interface type I2C, SPI; Operating temperature range (C): -40°C to 85°C
More parts & series: AFE4460YBGT; AFE4460YBGR; AFE4460YBGT; AFE4460YBGR; AFE4460YBGT; AFE4960P; TX7516; AFE4960; AFE4500; AFE4950; AFE49130; AFE58JD32LP; AFE44S30; TE7316; AFE2257; TEX7332; AFE5832LP; AFE4420; AFE5832; AFE58JD32; AFE4900; AFE5828; AFE58JD28; AFE4410; ADS1299-6; AFE4405; DDC2256A; AFE2256; AFE58JD16; AFE58JD18; AFE5816; AFE4404; AFE5812; AFE5818; AFE4403; AFE5401-Q1; DDC1128; AFE1256; AFE1256; AFE0256; AFE4490
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