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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: 100-V, N channel NexFET™ power MOSFET, single TO-220, 3.6 mOhm
Package/Case: Surface Mount;TO-220 -3Description: VGS: 20 V;VDS: 100 V;IDM – pulsed drain current (Max): 400 A;Rds(on) max at VGS=10 V: 3.6 mOhms;VGSTH typ: 2.7 V
More parts & series: CSD19536KCS;CSD19505KCS;CSD19501KCS;CSD25310Q2;CSD88539ND;CSD88537ND;CSD17570Q5B;CSD87333Q3D;CSD87333Q3D;CSD95378BQ5M;CSD19534Q5A;CSD23382F4;CSD95372BQ5MC;CSD17575Q3;CSD16401Q5;CSD16403Q5A;CSD16404Q5A;CSD16406Q3;CSD16407Q5;CSD16409Q3;CSD16410Q5A;CSD16412Q5A;CSD16413Q5A;CSD16411Q3;CSD16414Q5;CSD16321Q5;CSD16323Q3;CSD16325Q5
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