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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: Automotive, 50-V, 1.0-A, bipolar stepper motor driver w/integrated current sensing
Package/Case: VQFN; Mounting: Surface MountDescription: Control interface: Hardware (GPIO), SPI; Control mode: STEP/DIR; Rating: Automotive; Sleep current (uA): 2
More parts & series: DRV8452; DRV8462; DRV8425; DRV8425; DRV8434S; DRV8434A; DRV8434; DRV8434E; DRV8428; DRV8428E; DRV8424; DRV8424E; DRV8426; DRV8426E; DRV8436; DRV8436E; DRV8889-Q1; DRV8847; DRV8886AT; DRV8886; DRV8884; DRV8885; DRV8880; DRV8881; DRV8848; DRV8833C; DRV8802-Q1; DRV8846; DRV8824-Q1; DRV8860; DRV8711; DRV8823-Q1; DRV8844; DRV8806; DRV8834; DRV8835; DRV8836; DRV8818; DRV8803; DRV8805; DRV8833; DRV8804
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