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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: Spy-bi-wire, Watchdog timer, Real-time clock
Package/Case: Surface Mount ;TSSOP (DA)Description: Non-volatile memory (kB): 32; RAM(KB):4; ADC: 10-bit SAR; GPIO pins: 32; UART: 1
More parts & series: MSP430G2955; MSP430G2855; MSP430FR2632; MSP430F2013; MSP430G2553; MSP430FR2110; MSP430FR2522; MSP430FR2311; MSP430FR2355; MSP430G2452; MSP430G2231; MSP430FR2000; MSP430F2003; MSP430G2855; MSP430G2332; MSP430G2210; MSP430G2533; MSP430F1121A; MSP430G2302; MSP430F2121; MSP430F2012 ; MSP430G2433; MSP430G2333; MSP430F413; MSP430G2744 ; MSP430F4371; MSP430G2453; MSP430FR2633; MSP430F2011
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