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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: C64x fixed point DSP- up to 720MHz, McBSP
Package/Case: Surface MountDescription: DSP: 1 C64x; DSP MHz (Max): 500, 600, 720; CPU: 32-/64-bit; Operating system: DSP/BIOS
More parts & series: TMS320C6203B;TMS320C6713B;TMS320VC5502;TMS320C206;SMJ320C40KGDC;TMS320VC5410A;SMJ320C6701-SP;SM320C6415;SMJ320C6415;TMS320VC5409A;TMS320C6202B;SM320VC5421-EP;SM320C6201-EP;SM320C6701-EP;SM320VC33-EP;SM320VC33-EP;TMS320C6701;TMS320LC203;TMS320VC5416;TMS320C6211B;SMJ320VC5416;TMS320LC548;SMJ320C6203;SMJ320VC33;SMJ320C6201B
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