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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: Automotive DDR Power Solution with 4-A, 2-MHz VDDQ DC/DC Converter, 1-A VTT LDO and VTTREF
Package/Case: Surface Mount;WQFN (RTW)Description: Iout VDDQ (Max): 4 A;Vin: 2.95 to 6V;Iq (Typ): 0.65 mA;Output: VDDQ, VREF, VTT;Iout VTT (Max): 1 A;
More parts & series: TPS54116QRTWTQ1;LP2998QMR/NOPB;LP2998QMRE/NOPB;LP2998QMRX/NOPB;TPS51716RUKR;TPS51716RUKT;TPS51116MPWPEP;TPS51116MPWPREP;V62/12602-01XE;V62/12602-01XE-T;HPA01188RGBR;TPS53317RGBR;TPS51206DSQR;TPS51206DSQT;TPS51916RUKR;TPS51916RUKT;TPS51216RUKR;TPS51216RUKT;TPS59116RGER;TPS59116RGET;TPS51200QDRCRQ1;TPS51200DRCR;TPS51200DRCT
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