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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: 4-CH LCD Bias (3.7A Min. Boost Ilim. Up to 19V, 2.5A Min. Buck Ilim, 100mA VGH/VGL)
Package/Case: Through Hole ; HTSSOP-28 PackageDescription: Vin (Max) (V):14.7; Vin (Min) (V):8;Source driver voltage (Max) (V):19;Adjustable sequencing
More parts & series: TPS65161APWPR ;TPS65161BPWPR;TPS65161PWPR;TPS65161PWPRG4 ;BUF08821;TPS65100-Q1;BUF16821 ;TPS65136;TPS65167A;TPS65161A ;BUF22821;TPS65162;TPS65165;TPS65101;TPS65141;TPS65161 ;LM8342;TPS65150 ;BUF20800; TPS65160A;TPS65160;TPS65140-Q1;TPS65145-Q1;BUF12800;TPS65131;BUF07704;TPS65120;TPS65121;TPS65123 ;TPS65124; TPS65130;TPS65100 ;TPS65105 ;TPS65140;TPS65145 ;MM145453;MM5452 ;MM5453 ;MM5483
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