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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: 6-A/6-A single-channel gate driver with 5-V UVLO, thermal shutdown, and split ground
Package/Case: Surface Mount;TO-220Description: Number of channels (#): 1;Peak output current (A): 6;Input VCC (Min) (V): 4.7;Input VCC (Max) (V): 18; Rise time (ns): 25
More parts & series: UCC27423DGN;UCC27200DDA;LM5101CMY/NOPB;LM5101CMYE/NOPB;SN75372PSR;UC2706N;UCC23313QDWYQ1;UCC27531DR;LM5114AMF/NOPB;UCC27512MDRSTEP;UCC27614DR;UCC27323P;TPS2812DR;UCC27210DPRT;LM5111-2MX/NOPB;UCC37324PE4;TPL9201PWPR;UCC21520DW;LM5114BMF/S7003110;UCC27516DRSR;TPL9202PWPR;TPS2818MDBVREP;LM5110-2MX/NOPB;SN75372D
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