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Manufacturer: Texas InstrumentFeatures: Automotive 30-V, 5-A/5-A dual channel gate driver with reverse current protection
Package/Case: Surface Mount;SOIC (D)-8Description: Power switch: MOSFET;Number of channels (#): 2;Input VCC: 4.5 to 26V;Peak output current: 5A;Rise time: 6 ns;Undervoltage lockout (Typ): 4
More parts & series: UCC27624;UCC27614;LMG1025-Q1;LMG1020;UCC27511A;UCC27524A1-Q1;UCC27528-Q1;UCC27511A-Q1;UCC27519A-Q1;UCC27532-Q1;UCC27524A-Q1;UCC27517A-Q1;UCC27518A-Q1;UCC27531-Q1;UCC27517A;UCC27524A;UCC27527;UCC27512-EP;UC1715-SP;UCC27536;UCC27537;UCC27538;UCC27533;UCC27532;UCC27528;UCC27611;UCC27531;UCC27512;UCC27523;UCC27525;UCC27516;LM5134;UCC27518
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